More Yo-Yos

So I bought this new distraction (large yo-yo maker), and found some fabric I didn't mind scrunching into circles.
At the end of Saturday night (Saturnight makes more sense to me), I had 25 yo-yos and no more of that fabric to scrunch.
I am thinking of using some perl cotton thread, but not sure how yet.  Kitten came to check it out.
Thought precedes action.
That's why I keep the little spools in a big pickle jar.
She has a short attention span though.
That missing collar is now back around her neck.  Cool! It matches the thread she was playing with. Wait a minute.  Hang on.  Is this Kitten all about being matchy-matchy?  She loves anything I do that is black and white, but not at all interested in beige.  Huh.  I smell a need for government-funded research. Or perhaps it's already been done.  I am off to Google.  


Anonymous said…
Kitten is just beautiful! Mama's best friend used to make yo-yo pillows back in the 1960's and I have always loved them. Hope you enjoy the day.
Kris said…
Love the yo yo's!! And the kitty too. My kitty wears a bell on her collar because I am also a bird lover and feed all the birds. I want them to know when my kitty comes creeping around!!!
WoolenSails said…
Great way to use up scraps. Can't wait to see what you are doing with them. Love that picture of kitten standing over the pieces and thread, lol.

katie said…
Where did you get that sense of humor.
You are always so fun to read.
Love the yo yo's
TamboinMO said…
Can't wait to see what you do with the yo-yo's. I used to have a yo-yo clown doll when I was a girl and I love seeing pillow cases that have yo-yo's on the "sleeve" part of them!