T-shirt Quilt Anyone?

I put together this t-shirt quilt top some time ago, but have yet to quilt it (here is is without the borders).
And I ran into some young ladies at Intown Quilters who were discussing fabric choices for a t-shirt quilt they were working on.  I asked whether they'd saved the parts of the shirts they didn't use for the quilt top, since they could then crochet them into doormats.  They looked at each other and then agreed they needed to show me the top they had with them.  OMG! Seriously? I thought my top was pretty cool.  These ladies' work blew me out of the water!
There is no cooler t-shirt quilt on the planet. ANYwhere.
I asked them could I put it on my blog, they said "okay," and then I misplaced the photos (4 gb SD cards are too big). I hope they see I posted the pictures once I located them.


WoolenSails said…
I think yours will look wonderful, once you put it together.
I always love how things look, after they are finished and quilted.
I guess you don't quilt those? Stitch in the ditch?

Wow wow wow...I wish I could see that one in person.

That's a really cool T-shirt quilt. So many little things to look at.
Susan said…
I've made 2 T-shirt quilts, and mine are put together similiar to yours. I can't believe the one that those ladies have!