I love a good yo yo!

I've only worked on this sporadically.  Someone asked me am I going to put a backing on it.
That would defeat my centering of certain little eye-candy gems on the backsides of the yo-yos.

To me, that was the fun part of searching my fabric stash and making the yo-yos.
I loved putting Missouri on the back of this one.
I kind of think of it as an "I Spy" project preserving little fabric treasures.


WoolenSails said…
I think it came out wonderfully and it would be beautiful laid out on a darker blanket or quilt.

marlu said…
I have one of these in a double bed size that my mom made in the 1930's. No backing required. I treasure it. There are fabrics from my sun dresses. She finished it after her grandsons were born and so there is fabric from their shirts that I made for them. I also have a clipping from the newspaper advertising
the pattern.
katie said…
So cool, love it.
Susan said…
That makes the back as interesting to look at as the front!
Becky said…
Love your I SPY back on your Yo Yo top. Very creative!
I love the yo yos and you have become the queen of all yo yos...What about Good Earth? I can't wait to see that one completed.