Yo-Yo Oh-No

I started this teenie-tiny yo-yo "thing" last night at Thimbles.  Trust me; the small size is good enough.  Extra small is a challenge.  Meaning: starting with yo-yos of any size could be a serious mistake for anyone on the OCD cusp, and working with the extra small size could just push you right over it.  WALK AWAY (save thousands in therapy)!
On to the happy place.  LOOK at my Dad's rhubarb plant:
And Mom's beautiful pink flower (sorry, I didn't catch the name of it; probably won't grow in my clay anyway).
And my son's dog Naga. I know, not as pretty as the other photos. Mom and Dad haven't seen Eron's dog, so I thought I would post the picture.  What do you think Mom?


Anonymous said…
LOL...OCD and YoYo's! That is funny, but true as I've made them before. I also find hexagons like that! :)
katie said…
Wow Karmen I bet you will be having rhubarb pie next time you are up there .
That pink flower looks like some type of peonie.
As for the dog, beautiful, but I wouldn't go into his yard uninvited.
Have a good Sunday.
TWhite said…
I miss rhubarb, I love rhubarb sauce made with equal. SWEET!
I think the pink flower is a peony, we had them in our yard in Minnesota. They are beautiful but don't last long.
Becky said…
You go girl! I'm avoiding those tiny yo-yo's. They would send me right over the edge! Good seeing you at Thimbles last week. Maybe next month, we will get to visit more. Take care!