Couple of Mom's quilts and Kitten helping me free motion machine quilt

Mom made this beautiful quilt using a pattern from "Whimsicals".  I love the quilt so much it sneaked a ride home in my suitcase.  There are so many wonderful quilts at Mom's house.  Here is another that is just plain ole kitty faces:
I have been trying to finish my Samaurai Squares quilt.  All I have left is to free-motion the borders and bind it.  Kitten has been watching my attempts at free motion.  There is no impressing her.
Her NO-MOTION quilting style seems easy to master though.
I just love kitties!


NanaKaren said…
Beautiful quilts and adorable kitty!

Where do I find a pattern or directions for the kitty faces quilt? I absolutely love it!

Thanks, Karen
*karendianne. said…
aww, look at kitty. How sweet. Thanks for these adorable pictures. That makes me feel all warm and happy. As does that great kitty faces quilt. Whoa! That's awesome.
WoolenSails said…
What wonderful quilts and more special since your mom made them.
Kitten really loves to share time with you.

Does your mom know her quilt is missing? :)

Kitten is precious. And she makes the no-motion quilting look so effortless!
If she didn't know before, she does now. I can take it back to her next month, if she needs it. I am having fun showing it off right now, so it is worth any trouble I am in. Can your Mom ground you if you are over 50?
You my friend are sooo BUSTED. I've been thinking about our last conversation...we really must talk AGAIN.

Brenda said…
I am not a cat person, but I do like the kitty quilt.
carol said…
I LOVE your Kitty pics and have been her fan for many posts. She is helping me with the grief of losing both my special cats. LOVE the Kitty Face quilt. I looked at Whimsical to find this pattern but did not see it; did a quick Google search - saw many cat quilts but not this one either.
Gotamanda? said…
Awwe the rescue kitty! It's been a while since I've blogged (ok, a really long time) so I haven't seen her pictures - she's turned out so beautifully! Remember how little and sick she was when you first found her? You did an amazing job ;)
Anonymous said…
I love this simple catface quilt! Who would have thought! LOL Your real kitty is so precious...and I know she is so happy to live in your loving home where she is safe and so well taken care of.

I think yoyo's are fun! But I can't believe the size you made here. Very well done!
TWhite said…
Love the quilts! Don't ya think kitties and quilts just go together?!
Becky said…
Love these two quilts! I'm especially attracted to the kitty quilt and I'm a dog person. Love seeing the smuggled quilt on your bed. Take care!
O'Quilts said…
I tried to send this to your email, but the box was here is the thank you for the nice comments on my blog. Thank you for appreciating Johanna's was definitely a gift of love. As for my daughter and her picnic quilt. Well, the picture is in my quilting room. She came down to visit for me to help her with the binding. I noticed that after we did some work with the seam ripper that she went right to my awesome new Janome 6600 where she stayed for a few hours finishing her quilt. I sat with her, reading my new quilting book, Quilts of the Golden West and we chatted. It was a lovely day. The design wall has my new "X" block quilt on it. I have enjoyed working on that quilt so much. I watch the strip scraps just disappear from my desk and the quilt goes together perfectly. When I corral my friends next week to help baste it for me to quilt, I will post it with the tutorial.

Again thank you for visiting.