Roberta Horton Classes in Kansas City

I am in Kansas City where I met designer Roberta Horton at a workshop sponsered by the Quilter's Guild of Greater Kansas City.  Here is her quilt composed of indigo plaids from her grandmother's native Hungary paired with pastel plaids she (Roberta) designed.  This beautiful quilt just shines.  It truly glows from within.  I think the connection with past generations makes quilts and quilting extra special.  My mother and I were able to take one class with Roberta Horton in which we played with pairing plaids.  It was so darn much fun!  Mother and I both learned a lot!
This is Roberta Horton's class sample:
And here is what I had at the end of the day:
I also took a class with Ms. Horton in the afternoon called Folk Art Bouquet.  This is her class sample:
I had a harder time with this because I didn't like the background fabric I brought, and I got frustrated watching the wonderful compositions the women around me were coming up wth.  Mother had gone to another classroom to listen to Mary Mashuta.  I think if Mom and I had stayed together, I would have enjoyed the afternoon class more, since she (mom) would have helped me out and spurred me on.  At any rate, I did come up with a composition:
And perhaps I will work on it some more when I get home.
  I woke up feeling poorly this morning, so we did not go today.  I know we are missing more good stuff.  I hope I will get to see Roberta Horton again, and take a class with her sister Mary Mashuta someday.  I will be watching for the opportunity to do so.


Libby said…
Sounds like a fabulous workshop - I never met a plaid I couldn't love *s*
I hope you get to feeling better! Sounds like a great workshop!