I have left the land of pie-every-night.  Pictured is Dad's gooseberry pie.  Oh my goodness!  You seriously have never had a better pie than my Dad's.  When I got to Kansas City, he had a cherry pie waiting.  I wonder just how much I would weigh if I lived up there?
We had a six-plus hour mechanical delay to get out of Kansas City yesterday, and I met a couple of really nice folks.  Diane, thank you for spending your lunch time with me.  You are easy to talk to!  You must have millions of friends all over the place.
I got to meet Diane because she and another woman saw me working on this:
And they wondered why I was pulling and tugging at it so hard, and when I put it on the ground and started stomping on it, they could no longer contain their curiosity.  I am glad they asked about it rather than just assuming I was an mad cotton crocheter-person.  We were stalled in the terminal so long I ran out of fabric to crochet, but Mom sent me home with plenty of supplies.
Note to L.K.  I am sorry I missed the program this morning.  I went to Gwinnett Medical with an asthma attack at 5:30 this morning.  Welcome back to Georgia and the Kitten I am allergic to!
My prescriptions are kicking in, so I am going to go lie down.


WoolenSails said…
That is a great idea for a travel project, nothing dangerous to take on the plane. Those fabrics your mom gave you will make a beautiful rug.
Lucky you to meet Roberta. I have seen her books and a lot of fun projects.

katie said…
Is your rug going to be heart shaped?
I guess it was your end of the world that set off your allergies. So many people around here have trouble with the oak trees. Take care and get to feeling better.
Anonymous said…
Sorry you missed the program, they are moving up as we speak. Hope you feel better.
Nah, perhaps the second one will be heart-shaped. This is my first crocheted rug, so I have to keep it simple. Hello to L.K.! Thanks for visiting. Karmen
Ok inquiring minds want to know are the edges of those scraps turned under..they look sooo, cleaned up!!! Where is the stringy stuff?


Can't wait to hear all the stories..and GOOSEBERRY PIE...OH MY. Hope you are feeling better or at least the drugs are kickin in. see you soon.
Becky said…
Hope you are feeling better! It's been a rough pollen season in Georgia. What a great way to pass time in an airport terminal! I'd love to have been there to see you stomping on your crocheting. LOL