But it GOES with my QUILT!

I rarely get a chance to go to the mall.  You know, that dollar-sucking asphalt adornment called Mall of Georgia?  Well, today I had to run an errand to Dick's to return that way-too-expensive-tennis-dress-I-will-never-wear. So I started at Dillards 'cause I could maybe find a decent pair of shoes while I was at the mall, when all of sudden I spied this perfume at 70% off! AND it goes with my quilt!
That was the end of my quick errand.  
I decided I needed some cheerful spring items.
I now consider myself updated for spring.  I still need shoes though, oh, and that tennis dress?  Maybe I will wear it when I play (greased up with sunscreen) on Sunday.
 I forgot to mention, the other reason (besides the tennis dress) that I was near the mall.  My car failed its emission test, so I had to take said car in for repair.  Something called "third cylinder misfire."  At least I can smile about my cute purse when I am pulling my credit card out to pay the dealership for fixing whatever is wrong that they didn't catch when they did the 60,000 mile check up last month. 
(And there went the tax refund.)
I am staying home tomorrow (except for collecting the car).  I save money that way.


And I was going to go to the Mall of Georgia on Monday...maybe I'll rethink that decision.

katie said…
Really love the bird purse.
I've never found any perfume that went with any of my quilts. Good find.
Brenda said…
Love your quilt. I never thought of getting perfume to match my quilts, will have to remember that one.
WoolenSails said…
I haven't been to a mall in years, too crowded and confusing, lol.
Our big one got flooded, so I doubt I will be going anytime soon. Wondering if my favorite store got hit, I am in need of some new clothes. Maybe they will have a flood sale;)

Kathie said…
beautiful quilt!!!! its so springy ah yes things to go with your quilt I can understand that :)
I love your quilt! Cute purse too. I loe perfume...I have a lot of it. I may have to pop by and see if they have any of my flavors at 70% off!
I didn't even smell it before I bought it. I just loved that it was from Lilly Pulitzer and didn't cost an arm & leg. Plus, it went with my quilt! How often does that happen?