Friday, March 5, 2010

Vintage Quilt and Cleaning the Sewing Room

Mr. Simon-from-work has given me a wonderful quilt! I think this one may be from feed sacks, but I cannot be sure, since I am not familiar with how to identify real ones, but this is definitely vintage. Simon purchased it near the Fort Donelson National Battlefield when he was working on a project as an engineer (I think for DNR).
I love, love, love this quilt. Look at this edge! It makes me wonder what happened. Did someone spill something on it? Did she run short of backing fabric? One thing for sure: She is human which means prone to imperfection. She made the best of her situation though. I am in love with what she has done.
The back of the quilt has a bit of a sheen. Does this mean it has linen in it? It is a wonderful piece of utility fabric.
Thank you Simon!
Ah, and now to the mess I have been wanting to fix:
I was in Walmart the other night (too late, I think running around in the cold weather is why I am sick), and I found these shelves which will fit this many plastic boxes:
So I bought two sets of shelve, and a whole bunch of plastic boxes. I had so much stuff already that I didn't get a single new box on a shelf. But it looks so much better already. And, as I told the Mister, I certainly have plenty of room for a fancy sewing table for my Bernina. I plan to look at tables when I go to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo.
Last time I attended the show, I won free classes and admission to this year's show. Yippee! At the last show I took a class and made a bag (See it here). I also tried some new sewing techniques (See stuff here). This year I am taking "Coffee Filter Fans" and "Peacock Pincushion." It should be fun. I am going to take a real good look at the sewing tables at the show.


katie said...

I love that quilt . Wonder why it was that way also, except I love it that way.
Fun to get organized isn't it. Hard to stay that way for me.

WoolenSails said...

Love the quilt, what a wonderful find. I have a big table I use, but short underneath, so I finally found some plastic drawers that fit under it. Now i can put my tools and materials in that and have them handy.