Saturday, March 7, 2009

Done with the Fun at Expo

Yesterday I wandered around the show with Debra Bratton, a new math faculty member from work. She is new to Atlanta, so she had never been to the show. I think she had fun. I spent a good deal of time in the "Vogue" booth, and that is where I spent most of my money. I purchased three books, a dress pattern, bundles of cloth and a roll of pink cross-stitch fabric. I had two classes this morning; all of my classes have been on Janome's 6600. I think I am in love. We did circles and all kinds of decorative stitches on batik. I really enjoyed it, once I got the hang of it. After that, we had a class on flying geese. I am still a little "squaring" challenged. I am going to do a little hand-quilting on the geese block before I turn it into a small pillow. I will probably make the batik block into a pillow too. Or I could make a large variety of place mats!?

The "doctor" put me on keflex and prednisone for my sore throat. I feel weird. I think I should go to my regular doctor as a follow up, since steroids can be dangerous, but I am really too tired to even think of making a doctor appointment. Plus, when do I go? I have Unity quilter's group tomorrow, and then back to work Monday where I am going to be two math tutors short the whole week (and it's the week before final exams). I'm going to bed............


katie said...

Look like that was fun and informative.
We have our very first quilt show here in Warsaw this month. Have no idea what it will be like but I hope it takes hold and grows each year, than the next week end there is one in Stover with lots of venders. Everything which isn't much that I know about quilting is old school.

WoolenSails said...

What fun to take different classes and learn new techniques and machine sewing. I got some back issues of quilting arts and love the unique quilts and ways of making them.

I hope you feel better and I hate prednisones, make me feel worse, so avoid them if I can.


Karmen said...

Yeah, Debbie, I think this will be the last time I let them put me on the darn things. This "doctor" has had me on them 4 times this year. I think I need to stick to my regular doctor. He is downtown though, so it takes a lot more time.