Snowed in Day

Please spend some time admiring Kitten's new collar. She is mighty proud of her first "diamonds."
I have not quilted for two weeks. I have regressed to this cross-stitch sampler which has been hanging around my life for more than a decade, so now I have some momentum going on it (remember I was stuck on the strawberries?), I figure I should gut it out to the finish line. I already have a spot on the wall picked out where I think it should hang.
I had to leave space for some drawn thread work. I don't have the required natural linen thread, so I ordered it from a new needlework store over in Buford.
While I stitched this morning, I listened to "The Help" on CD. I give this novel "two thumbs up."
And then I colored my own hair. Years ago I did my own hair color, but that was so long ago. Now I have that little touch of grey at the temples, and I am going brunette. My husband said I actually look smarter. Trust me; that was not the motivation for ditching my blonde locks. Mostly I am trying to save money, but also attain a lower maintenance lifestyle.
And when I got bored enough, I measured how much snow we got last night.
I'd say it was a good bit more than last time.


katie said…
I love kitties collar. She does look proud.
That is a lot of cross stitching to do. Don't think my eyes could do it anymore.
Look as tho you have a new do. Looks cute, what I can see of it.
WoolenSails said…
Doesn't she look smart in her new collar. Mine never wear them. I am afraid if they get out, they might get caught in a tree. Love the new hair, I do my own too. I figure, why pay someone to make me miserable, haha.

Joanne said…
Just visited your blog for the first time and really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing
Gretchen said…
I love Kitten's new bling! Simply divine darling Kitten! The Help was a really great book. Your feet make me cold just looking at them lol!! Hope you have a happy valentine's day!!!