Georgia Snow

Atlanta is getting slogged in by the most wonderful snowfall! I wish it meant a day off school, but I'll take a quiet Saturday at home. This is outside my front bedroom window.And this is looking across to the right at the driveway and big white pine tree:
And look at what I found when I was out this week. I was looking for a gift for a co-worker when I happened on to these blocks. There was only one set (it would be nice if I found a set for Jan Patek, too), so I will take these Blessings blocks to Mom when I go up in April. She has something for me too, and I am dying of curiosity. But I can wait to find out, if I have to. I think it is enough of a treat for me to be going to see Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta with Mom during the Quilt Guild of Greater Kansas City's 35th anniversary celebration. I am seriously thrilled I get to attend!


I love your snowy pictures! They are beautiful!
katie said…
You all did get some serious snow didn't you.
Sounds like your April trip will be exciting.
WoolenSails said…
The weather is definitely crazy this year. The trip sounds wonderful, lots of fun and quilting.

Kathie said…
yup we have 20 inches of that stuff on Wed!
its very pretty !
oh those blocks are just so perfect for your mom, she will be thrilled
Yes Jan would love them too
what a great guild meeting that will be, have always loved their work and books.
make sure you tell us all about it!
take pictures!!!!
Karen said…
A beautiful snow! And a lot of it.
The "blessings" blocks are cute as can be.
Gretchen said…
Beautiful snow pictures!!