Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Dad!

Kitten, the Quilt Inspector, gives her approval.
But wait, are we sure we don't want a border? Maybe something in black to set it off? Or would that mess with the navy blue too much?
Well, Dad, it is a mostly finished top. That means it still needs to be quilted, so I will be mailing it off (to the quilter) soon; once I decide if it needs borders or not. I am thinking the blue and red should be quilted with something "cloud like" and the whitish stripes should have wavy lines. Suggestions about the border and/or quilt designs are welcome as I am quite open-minded.


WoolenSails said...

I think the quilt is wonderful, I love how you designed the planes into a flag theme. For a border, I would go thin, maybe piping, just to set off the blue, but anything wider would distract from the flag look.


katie said...

I agree, no border or just the binding.
Love it,

TWhite said...

This turned out great! I love it!

Gretchen said...

I LOVE this quilt. I think it is perfect without borders.