Kitten Cracks Me Up

Not only is she a pitiful one-eyed kitty, but she likes to sit anywhere she can fit. Like an empty dog potty-pads box. I wish I had taken a picture of that! Here she was this morning:

Today we took AC's mother (my MIL) home to Tennessee.

Not too bad for 90 years old, eh? (Her not him!)


WoolenSails said…
It is amazing how cats can fit in the smallest spaces. Any box that comes in, has to be kitty tested.

katie said…
Great family pictures. That Eron is so handsome, well Andy is as well, but I hadn't seen Eron in some time.
Yea I hope I look as good as AC's mom if i make it to 90.
Kim said…
Cute Kitty. Made me laugh as my cousin's 4 year old daughter likes to sit in the cat bed and the poor cat sits on the floor!
VeeV said…
Kitten knows you rescued her.
So she needs to make you laugh.
smooches to kitten
Gretchen said…
Apparently Kittens as well as clementines are in season now lol! She is too cute!