On Thursday I got to take the lab's staff from work out to lunch. Since it was the end of the quarter at GTC, we got to relax and enjoy being together.
And then on Saturday, I flew to Kansas City. Mom and I have been sewing all day. I have the center of my Vintage Nine together, and we are starting on something new. My camera SD card is full, so I'll get a new one and take pictures tomorrow. Also, my Dad is a fabulous cook. Take a look at the cherry pie he made for dinner tonight!


katie said…
That pie looks great.
Looking forward to seeing what you all are working on. Wish I was there.
Sewing with mom and cherry pie...what can be better than that!!! Does she still have the frig covered in calico?

I can almost smell that pie! Can't wait to see your Vintage Nine all done. Have fun!