Under the Sea is Finished

I finished my workshop project. Yea! We tried many new products in the workshop, and you can see some of the different textures we obtained mainly from using heat sources and both machine and hand sewing. I am especially fond of Tyvek, Misty Fuse and the beads. Fiber on a Whim sells the products we used, and you can purchase them on their website. I highly recommend taking an "art quilt" workshop. The techniques expanded my ideas of what is possible.
Here are those strawberries I referred to in my previous post. Once again, this project is "resting" while I work on others. It has been in the making for more than a decade, so what is a few more months?


WoolenSails said…
Love the effects from the different materials. Looks like little lights glowing in the sea. I was almost done with my challenge and more than half the free motion and my machine stopped and won't start even though I did what it told me, ugh.