I am so not cool.

Yeah, send a needle through your finger during a workshop (see above project-Under the Sea, Over the Top, not complete), so NOT cool. My table mate, Betty, was so kind during my time of need. Here is a hint if it ever happens to you: when you feel a needle go through your finger, resist the impulse to rip said finger away from the needle. Tough to do, but you will suffer less damage. It was a top stitch needle for goodness sake. I should of had a little respect! The finger is mending quite well, but the doofus feelings will take a while to dissipate.
So the little pink cross stitch (another button roll) I have been working on while watching TV will have to miss getting stitched on tonight. Danger of blood stains. (see Stacy Nash for vintage cross stitch projects)
Here is the linen thread I need for my long-in-coming sampler. I have dragged the poor project through airports for about 10 years without putting a stitch in it. I got "over the hump" so to speak with encouragement from the Silver Thimbles Group in Grayson last Friday night. I finally finished all 6 pesky strawberries, and have moved on to try the bit of drawn thread work, but I had a hard time finding the proper linen thread. No excuses now (except for the finger). The thread came from William Booth, Draper.


Ouch! Hope you recover quickly -- that sounds so painful! Love your Over the Sea project. Very ineresting fabrics and fibers. It really does have a sea-like quality.
aisha said…
That sounds so painful. Great quilt though.