Snowing on the Maltese in Georgia

AC was leaving to get us hot fudge sundaes for dinner when I mentioned Bruster's Ice Cream was probably closed because of the blizzard. Duh! So he retreated to the bedroom with a bag of Doritos to watch his new TV. I was getting hungry, and since I had cleaned Andy's bathroom, I figured he wouldn't mind sharing the rest of his chocolate-covered cherries with me. Andy was still at work (or wherever), and I couldn't ask, so I went on into his room to get the box of chocolates. Shock of my life; the box was EMPTY! In a dissappointed daze, I wandered into the bedroom for a Dorito or two; the bag was EMPTY! I am stuck here in a Georgia snow storm with a refrigerator full of TOFU, MISO and CABBAGE!?!? What the HELL?!


WoolenSails said…
Too funny. You do realize you can bake something, lol.
I have food allergies, so I have to cook if I want to eat.

The blocks are coming along nicely. At least you are finishing your blocks and doing nicely. I started one and made such a mess I gave up. Need to rethink how to make small appliques.

Karmen said…
Yeah, you noticed my healthy eating plan didn't go too far? When I sew, I don't do any cooking, and my husband cannot even boil water. Really.