Colors for next Millie block

While I was listening for the school closure list last night, I cut out the pieces for my next Millie block. Mom had sent me more purples, so I made full use of them. The shiny piece under the cut-out flower pieces is the upholstery vinyl (or quilter's vinyl) used to set the pieces in place. Of course you have to slide them under the plastic template! I was just laying them out to see what they'd look like. I had to move the whole thing so I could use my cutting table this morning. When I tried to moved it, I spilled it all over the floor. I couldn't find some of the pieces; they had fallen in the trash can! I found a sheet of glass previously used in a picture frame, so I reassembled the design, and moved it into the dining room table with the help of the glass.

I hadn't read the instructions for preparation for my Thursday workshop thoroughly. We need to bring pre-quilted cotton with cotton batting and backing to make the overnight bag. I already had pre-quilted fabric I wanted to use, but I don't know the fabric content, so it is good we have a snow day off from school so I can create my pre-quilted cotton for the bag.


WoolenSails said…
Love the purples. I want to do one with some purple in it, for my bedroom.
Will be a pieced quilt though, want it to hold up to our abuse;)
Today I decided to go back to my big quilting and working on a bunny piece for easter.

katie said…
Karmen I am so loving that quilt. I would sure like to be able to applique like you can. I always come out with little points, I need a lesson.
Janice said…
OHHH! You are so ambitious! I bought the Aunt Millie pattern, because my Mother's name was Mildred, and couldn't believe what I had gotten myself into! I'm excited to follow your progress, it looks beautiful so far! And I love your fabric choices!