Kitty Gets a Real Bed

Well, I just couldn't let the poor little waif sleep on Andy's old shirts, so I made her a little bed out of an old towel. She loves it. As soon as I put her on it, she started kneading it and purring at the top of her whatever it is they purr from. She is going to have her damaged eye removed on Wednesday along with a spay. Andy's dad generously chipped in to help. One of the students from school donated some high quality kitten chow, and I made a bed and gave up a bathroom (where kitty is currently living).


WoolenSails said…
What a sweet pillow. She sure does look pathetic with that bad eye.
We have a local shelter that is always getting eye infections. It is shame when they have so many cats, they cannot take care of them properly.

katie said…
So happy kitty is being taken care of. He has sweet little white tipped feet. Hope he grows up to be healthy happy and loved.
Big yea for animal lovers.

aunt katie