Scooter Update

I took Scooter to the doctor. Of course he was a wild man when I got there, so she couldn't see him limp. When she examined him she thought perhaps he could have a strain in his left shoulder. We have some anti-inflammatory medication to give him, and we will see if it isn't better soon. It could also just be a little arthritis. Yes, I know what that is like. I either have to sit or walk, but standing still absolutely kills me.


katie said…
Hope the medicine helps. He looks like the dust mops we used to use before swiffers came along. So Pretty.
WoolenSails said…
I am glad it is nothing serious and yes our bones go as we age, even our furry babies. If he is hyper, a strain makes sense. I had to give up playing frisbee with my guy, he would do anything to catch it, including hurting himself.