It was just random...

The picture today is of the next top I need to baste and quilt. I have selected, from my stash, a black and white homespun for the back, but I don't have quite enough of it, so I am going to border it with the same fabric that borders the front. I am not sure I have enough of it either. I will spend time this weekend figuring all that out. Meanwhile I am not sure if something is wrong with Scooter, my oldest Maltese dog. He is the one in my profile photo. He is 11 years old now, and he is kinda, sorta limping (sometimes), but I cannot find anything wrong. He seems to be sleeping alot and doesn't want to play like he used to. Do I just figure his joints ache sometimes due to age, or should I take him in? His "limp" is like a hop. It is hard to describe.


WoolenSails said…
I like the fabrics, it reminds me of old shirts. I still have quilts to quilt myself, just too lazy to sit at the machine;)

I would have scooter checked. My guy limps like that and he has been diagnosed with lyme. He does ok and then goes through spells.

Karmen said…
Just when I think of taking him in, he acts completely normal. I really think it is age, but I probably will take him in just to be sure. He was at the doctor's being groomed last Friday. He must not have been acting strange then. He kinda walks like a caterpiller when he first gets up.
katie said…
Karmen, I like the quilt top.
Scooter sound like he may have a little arthritis. But have him checked they may have something to ease the stiffness if it is.
I think we are going to see Bobby this week-end. Freddie is full of places for him to look at down here, small farms.
Today is treatment #5 Worst part of it all is getting up off the table, talk about arthritis.