One Month

Embrace beauty in all its textures and layers, in all its time: past, present and future.
I have been taking time to make adjustments, sob my guts out, and absorb the silence in my home. I stay busy, but in the non-busy time his absence is like grey fog seeping into my conscience. It happens less now than at first. 
One night I heard his car door slam shut like he was coming home from being out. When we're  asleep, do brains select random noises from the past to play back?
The love seat and coffee table from the living room are now in the bedroom where I can read in the evenings. The big screen TV is, and always has been, too close to my chaise.

I cut out a new quilt, but I haven't found the discipline to put it together. It is for a special friend who has helped me through all this, so I will work on it during Thimbles Summer Stitch (In). Pat, if you are reading this, this year it is a Summer STITCH, not Stitch In. We'll have fun either way. I will be there if I can get vacation time.
I'd like to secure these yo-yos to this hand-dyed background.
That would be good. 
AND look what I found in the process of spiffing up the sewing room.
 Two of Mom's patterns we occaisonally get asked about. The Dresden Hearts pattern was published in 1989, and the rug pattern in 1986!
Cleaning the sewing room is a start.


WoolenSails said…
Love how you set up the room, really looks nice and a great place to relax. Maybe he is letting you know, he is still watching over you;) I hope that someday you can fill that empty space with wonderful memories of your time together.

O'Quilts said…
Grief is so hard. U have made a nice post.
terry said…
Glad you posted. Was worried. Know that we feel your pain and that we are here for you. Hugs......

joanne said…
nice to see an occasional word from you as it lifts my heart so, even though I know they are difficult for you right now. The quietness of being alone would be the hardest I are much stronger than you know. take care and know you are in my heart...right there where I keep special memories and people who have touched my life.
oldgreymare said…
We're all with you and thinking of you and wishing you healing and peace. <3
Kris said…
Doesn't it feel great to clean the sewing room? I get all fired up to finish projects.
XO Kris
Thinking of you often and sending hugs for healing