When I got to the Silver Thimbles retreat in Ellijay, Mary Ellen of Little Quilts was beginning to pack up, so I grabbed some jelly rolls to play with. Ty Pennington fabric looked interesting and I started stitching. What started out to be hexagaons is ending up being pinwheels.
I got tired of sewing them together, since I had no plan for them yet, so I got out my old blocks from a Peggy Barkle Curvaceous Cabins workshop from 2008. I had all the blocks I needed; the next step was to slash, rearrange and sew together. I am not any good at it, but it got better as I learned to turn all the blocks the same way before I cut them, and to keep the curve conservative.
It looks pretty good laid out on the table, but I think squaring up the blocks will have me pulling my hair out, so I am leaving that for another day.
The weather was wonderful in the N. Georgia mountains, so I went walk-about with my camera.
I would not mind living up here if I could have a house as cute as this one. I wonder what lucky bird makes its nest inside?
And I wonder what the heck monster bird could carve out a hole like this in the side of a tree? Just standing by it to take a photo made me nervous.
And this delightful guy (for you R.) stands guard at the end of a drive way. It was nice to sew with the lovely ladies, but I am back home now and routines await.
Looking down the golf cart path from the 10th tee.


Kris said…
I have always wanted to go on a retreat!!!
That hole in the tree is a bit scary, eh?
xo Kris
I don't think that's a bird that made that hole. Looks like teeth marks. But I can't imagine what might be carving a hole into a tree like that. A squirrel?
Karmen Sunshine said…
You are right probably a squirrel. I hadn't thought about that. I skipped over to your blog now I'm inspired to go buy myself a buncha tulips at Wally World!