Baby Girls

First things first. I have to apologize to Elaine and Leroy, and anyone else who may have gotten an unsolicited e-mail from me. I had e-mailed myself a link from work, and somehow that link did evil in my address book. I claim stupiditiy here. I really don't know how those things work.
One of the young men I work with has two brothers and both his brothers became fathers to little girls born within 24 hours of each other this week. Last I heard one was needing a great deal of extra medical help.
 I decided to make the cousins each a little quilt. I started them at Thimbles yesterday and now I need to quilt them.
I used similar dark purple plaids and the same denim blue fabric, but each little girl gets her own floral.
 I got up early today to do a little cooking (above is a scrambled egg with onion on a bed of lettuce with avocado on the side and salsa on top) before church. I have become a somewhat regular church-goer thanks to my oldest son's influence. I (sometimes accompanied by my husband) have been attending Fusion church in Flowery Branch, GA. Pastor Tony is amazing. He married Eron and Meredith, so that's where I met him. E & M are youth pastors, so they are very involved at Fusion.
Afterward I headed over to the Lakewood Antiques Market where I spied some treasure. Above is a pre-printed emboidery panel; I'd been wanting some handwork, and this one will allow me to practice French knots, so it's perfect for me. Then I discovered the vintage piece below.
 I love the painted roses, the stitched embellishment and the chocolate brown x-es. Charmed me right from the start. Thanks Ginny of Ginny's Vintage and More.
And from Annie's Ribbon Emporium this soft ribbon; perfect for tying up those little girls' quilts.


The quilts are both just pretty as can be! And I like that printed embroidery fabric. Should be fun. The vintage piece is mighty pretty, too. And the breakfast has me drooling! No prob about the email, just wanted to let you know if case you needed to "take steps". :)
O'Quilts said…
All so very lovely..
WoolenSails said…
Wonderful quilts and designs, that is a perfect gift for them.

Brenda said…
Some great flea market finds. Love your little quilts
Anonymous said…
Hi Karmen
I love when you post about the places you shop because I have checked some of the out and I will have to check this place out because you have some wonderful finds from there.

I am glad you found a church that will fit you and I also hope you are well.