So what kind of food do I like to eat now that my diet is aimed toward the Dr. Fuhrman Eat to Live program?

Sometimes I have spinach, mushrooms and avocado sprinkled with a flax seed mixture,
and sometimes it can be some stir-fried vegetables and the same avocado dish. I am crazy about avocados. You see the pattern by my plate? It is for that denim quilt with the fabric squares that you quilt as you go in a cathedral window type method. I cannot wait to try it.

Oh, I finished that bag I was working on.
 I love it but just cannot seem to put my stuff in it to carry it. The home dec fabric I used has Washington DC landmarks all over it. I fell in love with the fabric the moment I saw it, but I have never been to D.C. It would be like walking around with "Paris" emblazoned on my t-shirt when I've never been there either. 
Then I read the StellaBellaQuilts blog post. Gretchen just got back from D.C., so guess who's getting a wonderful new bag with lots of roomy storage pockets?
Enjoy Gretchen! It is totally meant for you.


WoolenSails said…
I am the same way too, I can't take allergy meds at all.
I also get that way with foods, so I stick to my diet.
In college I did my paper on how foods can affect behavior.

June said…
My son had a bad reaction to Singulair too. It is on his medical records now for them not to prescribe it! Yes, I agree with you that food allergies and meds could be causing all this craziness lately. All they want to do is blame it on video games and/or autism!
Katie Paxton said…
I totally agree with you Karmen.
Have you or can you have on your diet Quinoa. It is packed with good stuff and you can make so much with it. There is a girl Wendy Polisi that has a couple cookbooks using it. I like it, it is actually not a grain.