TV sewing

One thing I love about my job at the technical college is the diversity of students I get to meet and help.  The students who are originally from Africa are so kind, caring and generous.
One of those students gave me a package of this fabric.  It is very different from the cotton I am used to for quilting.  The package contained between 4 and 6 yards.  The fabric feels papery and is very shiny. I could see it would make a wonderful traditional African costume. But what would I do with it?
Yo-yo girlfriend!
(looks so different; doesn't it?)
I like the crispness the fabric gives the yo-yos.  I am putting them together with bright colors of embroidery floss.
Scooter (now 13 years old) likes when I am hand sewing (making yo-yos) in the bedroom.  It is cozy there and he can sleep.


WoolenSails said…
Interesting fabric and it does look nice in the yo yos.

Katie Paxton said…
Scooter looks so very happy as you make yo yo's.
Interesting fabric and how nice of them to bring you some. Was it made in Africa?
O'Quilts said…
Seems like you had not posted in I see all of this. I love the handmade rugs. I love the African fabric...and am in awe that you are so handy as to putting up the ruler thing by yourself...