Thank you and Joey mischief

I had a request from Diane for a copy of one of Mom's (Linda Brannock's) old patterns (Dresden Hearts).  It took me a lot of digging in the studio attic, but I finally located the pattern and sent it to Diane. I didn't expect her to send me these beautiful fat quarters as a thank you. They are so my palette.
Thank you Diane!  I love these fabrics.
While I was in the attic, I found a "vintage" Angler. You see the date?  It says 1993.  That's probably when Mom bought it. It finally got used this weekend.
I got a couple more blocks done on Scrappy Nines from the book Spotlight on Neutrals by Pat Wys. You learn a lot about color value and print scale as you work on this quilt.  I always learn better hands on.  You can tell me something until you are blue in the face (I feel my mother nodding as she reads this), but put me to work on it, and things finally make sense. They call it kinesthetic learning (from Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory).
I think cats learn the same way.
I was cooking when I spotted something out of place in the dining room.
Okay, my dining room has lots of stuff out of place; it is a mess, but do you see what I am talking about?
Joey has decided his favorite daytime hiding place is on top of the china cabinet, and I caught him readying to jump up there. Sheesh. I think the Tiffany Lamp needs to be moved; his return trip could affect the lamp. I've already moved the figurines from atop the sconces.  All glass and ceramic items that can be damaged are sitting on the floor waiting for Joey to grow up.  I learned not to take a chance with breakables when Kitten broke that precious bowl the Arts & Sciences division gave me as a wedding present.
Joey is a good companion when I am sitting and reading though.

The doctor's office called me twice last week to come have another blood test.  The one I had December 2 showed my kidneys are messed up again and my potassium level is too high.  I am now keeping a health journal to see if I can identify things that are harming my kidneys and to keep an eye on my blood pressure.
Cat's paws (still attached to the cat) are good luck.
I can believe that if I want too.
It is the season of believing.
"As in mind, so in manifestation."


WoolenSails said…
Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilt for them.
I have that problem too, climbers can be a problem with breakables around;) That or they go on a chase and nothing is safe.

A journal is a good idea, with allergies I notice how food effects my health, so avoid anything that gives me a reaction.

oldgreymare said…
Me thinks you need a tree in your house for da kitty.
Kitty needs to climb and be high. Must have jungle cat for relative.
Take care of yourself girlie :D
Feeling Artsy said…
Looks like you shouldn't be trying to put anything up on that shelf anymore:) That's how I lost about 7 shot glasses from around the world:) Kitties are so much fun.
Hope you can figure out how to help your kidneys thru diet. I pretty much cured myself out my migraines that used to show up about 5 times a week that way. Good luck:) Sending you a virtual kitty paw (still attached to the cat:)