So much stuff

You ever have so much stuff in your head that it drives you crazy, and then you sit down to make a blog post?All gone.  All of it.  I need to start taking a notebook with me when I leave the house, since I usually think of things to write when I am out walking. (Although, I am pretty sure nothing of profound gravity will escape the vaporous confines of my cranium in any case.)

Oh yeah.  Walking.  Thursday morning I went for a run/walk.  Then I could barely walk the rest of the day.  Seems whatever is going on with my left foot gets WAY worse when I run/walk. WAY, way worse.  Like crawl to the bathroom if you have to go kind of worse. Friday I went swimming.  Yesterday (probably today too) I rested. I see the doctor Friday.
I put the pedal to the metal to get this lap quilt done for my MIL. Nothing fancy. I used my walking foot on all the quilting and quit when I finished the 4th bobbin. I finished the blue linen binding at 4:00 a.m.

I like the way it came out.  Simple though it is.
Joey likes it too.
Good for rolling about.
Until Kitten shows up.
Don't work to hard this week. Next Saturday I am going to a workshop with Pat Wys.  I have no idea what fabric I will use, but I intend to start the Scrappy Nines from the cover of her book.


WoolenSails said…
My bad toe gets worse when I walk, but rather have that then on exercise, lol. Love that quit, really nice in it's simplicity and beautiful shade.

jojo said…
Joey has the right idea! I have the same problem with blog fodder, I can create the most awsome posts in my head especially during the night, and when I sit down to blog...gah, gone. you are not alone!
Katie Paxton said…
Have a great time with Pat. We gatherings always look like they are so much fun.