Kitten's no Featherweight

Kitten watches the Sashiko progress.
Kitten sits with me while I sew.
She did not like the lavender, so we tried plum.
Much better. 
Then little missy decided to try the Featherweight case on for size.
Nope honey; youse no longer a Featherweight.  It happens with age; ask me how I know.


WoolenSails said…
They do seem to fit in spaces, way too small for them;)
I need to weigh moki, I swear that boy is 20 pounds, lol.

Tana said…

I did some fun searching when I got home. Your photography from Alabama is amazing. I will so enjoy following your photographic journeys! Enjoyed meeting you at KC.

Sharon said…
It was so nice to meet you at Primitives of the Midwest on Saturday! My little Penelope is still faceless...maybe she will get one today, after my nap.
Margaret said…
Love what you have done with the Sashiko, was that your own idea ? I gave one away to a friend last Christmas , will have to buy myself a couple now, just love what you have done.