More on Alabama

When I got back from Alabama I was sick. Real sick.  I went to the doctor on Monday and went back again on Friday. Turns out I have trouble with a strange type of asthma and gotten a viral or bacterial infection along with it.
"Wee Rings" earned a second place ribbon at Quilt Symposium of Alabama.
While I was sick a storm knocked out my home internet service.
I didn't care (more time for sleeping).  
My Sue Spargo "Michelle" pillow won a first place ribbon.
Cullman, the town near the Symposium I attended, had been hit really hard by a tornado in April. This tree was on the Abbey property where the Symposium was held.  I heard the trees that were lost were over 100 years old.
Last year, as I left the Symposium, I stopped to read this historic marker. I wish I'd take a picture then to compare with now.
The damage in the area is jaw-dropping.  I can't put it in words.
And I couldn't take photos of it either.
Not beyond what I captured here.  It was too raw; too personal.
I felt my presence invaded peoples' privacy.
So I drove on and happened into the cutest little shop where I was able to make a small contribution to the commercial recovery efforts.  We should try to help any way we can; right?
Don't you love the kitty has her very own FISH chair?
During the Symposium I took a class with Pepper Cory. In the class we were introduced to the art of Sashiko.
Pepper Cory's sample of Sashiko stitching.
And my sample stitched in the class.
I loved this class.
I will show you my completed top soon.


Diane said…
Your Sue Spargo pillow is lovely. As for Alabama trauma, I have seen the likes and it is truely awful. Getting Kitten her own fish chair is the least you could do with that dog as your profile pix.....
WoolenSails said…
Sounds like you had quite a week and congratulations on the ribbons!
I hope you feel better soon.

Kris said…
Your pillow is darling! So sorry you were so sick! Oh my, that does knock us off of our feet for a while, doesn't it! Get well, and rest up!
jojo said…
I hope you are feeling much better now. You really find how blessed you are after you witness such raw destruction and emotion. I know you will carry those people with you in your heart for a very long time. Congrats on the ribbons...and that pillow is gorgeous!
Diane is so funny! I love her suggestion of getting Kitten a fish chair/cushion. I will get right on that when I get home from Kansas City!