Images of Spring from my Yard

Rose buds from a plant my son, Andy, rescued.
Same ones.
Azaleas that had fallen off a landscape truck and were left abandoned in the road.
The evergreens are growing over it, so I have to search it out under the branches each spring.
Hosta sprouts.
And my bowling ball (along with sedum).


Kris said…
So pretty. Love the unexpected element of the bowling ball in there too!!
WoolenSails said…
My lilacs have green buds on them, so won't be long.

Libby said…
Love it! And you've given me a wonderful idea. I have lugged my bowling ball from sea to shining sea and back again. It is now destined to live its days in my new garden. Thank you *S*
Anonymous said…
luv your pix of nature. How do you get hosta to grow down here? I think I get too much sun for them to succeed. Hope to see you at Thimbles..lilac hill is done!
Holly Loves Art said…
Happy Sprintime! Your pictures are lovely.