Dog tired here

The week was an off-kilter one.  I don't have much to show for my  time.  I am okay with that; like I said: off kilter. 
Please visit Gretchen's (Stella Bella Quilts) blog for a link to a book about a blind kitty named Homer and a link to the website set up by author Gwen Cooper to collect funds to help with animal care in Alabama.  I cannot even imagine what the people and their pets went through when the storms and tornadoes tore across their land. And what they are still going through trying to piece back together what they can.  I just can't imagine it.
I took these photos last week.  My iris are getting near the end of their display.  I think I got some pretty good shots of them.
I especially love this one.  You can see everything!
Peace and Love.


Karen said…
What beautiful iris! That's an especially nice color!

Have a great Sunday!
TamboinMO said…
Beautiful! I like how you captured it with the dew drops....really pretty!
Beautiful - I love iris. Ours aren't blooming yet, so thanks for sharing yours!
oldgreymare said…
You did get great shots! Gorgeous...

Gretchen said…
Beautiful iris! Mine done even have buds yet. Are there late-blooming irises (is that the plural of iris? maybe it should be iri? talk about off kilter, my humor is off kilter lol!
O'Quilts said…
Oh, so nice. So funny too...I was just about to post my iris' pix..I am crazy about irises.
Anonymous said…
Karmen, Love to check your blog out every so often as you have some beautiful things to see here.
Well, Anonymous, I would like to reply back to you. Do you have an e-mail address you would like to share with me?