How many lives does Kitten have left?

I love my sweet Kitten.

I worked on the fan quilt last night.  I got two of the columns put together.
See the little bit of piping on the left.  I sewed that seam three times.  Once without the piping, then once without bobbin thread and then the final time.  I was up really late.
And there are things I would change, if I ever did it over.
And today we delivered Lilly to Bulloch Hall in anticipation of the show that begins on March 12.  This is the first time I've put anything in a show, and the first time, that I can remember, putting on a hanging sleeve. I made sure to put all the pertinent information on an extra label, since the quilt label only has my first name and the quilt name.  I can't wait to the Bulloch Hall decorated up with the quilts!
The basted center seam on the sleeve gets pulled out and then there is plenty of room for whatever hanging mechanism the show uses.  I was told Lilly will not hang, so I didn't need to do the sleeve for this show.  Perhaps she will hang somewhere in the future.
I hope people like her.
Kitten looks okay.  Right?


katie said…
Good grief, I've never seen anything quite like that box of canned cat food.
Your fan quilt is so pretty.
Kitten looks OK in spite of her meals.
Kim said…
OMG that food is disgusting. I'm amazed kitty didn't get sick at all.
The quilt is lovely.
Gretchen said…
OMG!!! OMG!!! I am about to keel over. I cannot believe how gross and horrible that is. Poor Kitten! I hope she is OK. Better check the expiration dates next time you buy food at Walmart. Bleh!!!
Ani said…
Geez, I hope Kitten will be OK. It looks as if a can exploded within the box and then the bugs had their way with it. IAMS should have been notified of the problem, there are codes stamped onto the box/cans that will point to the exact batch of food processed and if there were any reported problems with that batch such as animals getting ill from eating it. I had quality issues with another brand of cat food and the company sent me hundreds of dollars worth of coupons for their food. Made me wonder if it was to shut me up and not say bad things about their brand!
Wendy said…
I'm glad Kitten is going to be okay. That was really disgusting.
Missouri Gal said…
Men! I swear they walk around with their heads up their butts!
Eww on the cans. I've bought an Iams cat food cans from them in the past. One was kinda open and was moldy! Wonder if it's a Wally World thing?
Love the quilt. I need to make a label for the baby quilt I'm picking up today. But my BFF hasn't picked a name yet.
Love your quilt. Beautiful colors.

Happy that your kitty is okay!

Carolyn :)
Your fan quilt is gorgeous! And I love Kitten. And men - who knows? I sure don't. I think I have the best husband in the world, but sometimes I do wonder if he's from another planet. LOL
Nasty, nasty!! Poor Kitten, I can't imagine how men survive sometimes! They aren't very observant are they?!
Pretty quilt.