Finished Border on the Fan Quilt

I finished the borders on the Fan Quilt.
Ahhh.  I like looking at it.
The fabric is delish. I love buying kits; I could never put these fabrics together on my own!
Kitten has a new collar, but try as I might, I could not get her photogenic side(the side with the eye) and the little tiny buttons on the collar in the same frame.  Maybe next time.
Did I say I was going to Mom's?  I should be there now.  I discovered I can write a series of blog entries and then have them post while I am at work, or even at Mother's.  So I wrote this Sunday when I had time, but you should see it on Thursday.  I love learning new things!


katie said…
Well, that is a cool new blogger post idea.
What a cute kitty! Love her!
WoolenSails said…
The quilt came out beautifully. Love the prints for the border.
Have fun at your moms.

Gretchen said…
Love the quilt. Kitten is just so precious and photogenic. Hope you are having a good time at your mom's.