Xmas misc

Merry Christmas to All!
Eron (son #1) came over and helped me learn how to use the rapid-shooting on my new camera.
Here is what a 6' 3" guy doing capoeira in my front hallway looks like:

A mid-air shot just before his feet hit the ground.
Fun!  I didn't try it.
I finished Adam's quilt this morning.
I love it so much I may have to buy it back from him.  Or rent it for a couple of years.
And Eron caught me on my own camera.  Dang, I should have smiled.
Oh, on a sad note, MIL is in the hospital (rectal prolapse), so hubby had to run over to Kennesaw to be with her.  I made him take his medications, shaving kit and a big blanket in case he gets caught over there.  We are expecting snow in Atlanta so he may not be able to get back home and she could be there a while. 


WoolenSails said…
Sorry to hear about your MIL, my prayers are with her and your husband. I have a nice stop action on my old sony, need to find the cord and use it for my kitties.

Gretchen said…
Great photo of Kitten. You should use it for your Xmas card next year. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Have fun with your new camera :)
Karen said…
Sorry about your MIL...will keep her in my prayers.

Amazing what your new camera can do.

The quilt is really great....I'd want to keep it.

Merry Christmas!
katie said…
Adam's quilt it great. Love that you incorporate family into your quilting.
I don't know what you said that was Eron did in the front hallway, but I'm happy nothing was broken.
Sorry to hear about MIL hope she isn't in there long.
lettielulu said…
Looks like a fun camera! The quilt is beautiful and I'd keep it! We're expecting snow in Wilmington tonight also....something we don't see but about once a year, if then. Hope MIL is home soon and hubby safe on his return.