Kicking my feet up

I usually sew barefooted, but the cold weather has me layering on the warm clothes starting with boots. Oh yeah, and a flooring contractor came by this morning so I had to change out of my usual Saturday morning quilting uniform; my bathrobe.
I have been playing around with the Roberta Horton workshop project.  I added the little black border and then this print fabric I love.  I tried SO HARD to make the yellow chicken wire fabric to work, but there is that saying that "a little yellow goes a long way." So true.  I couldn't make it work; it overwhelmed the hearts.
But I wish I'd thought about this a little longer.  Once I took the picture and viewed it on my new computer monitor; I see it needs more, so back to the design wall it goes. 
 I love this block with the little card of buttons.


WoolenSails said…
I love this piece, and what is wrong with it?
I think another black edge on the outside, would bring it all together.

Gretchen said…
Great quilt! I can only sew barefoot or if necessary in socks. No shoes, let alone boots!
Hi there...thanks for popping in and seeing the quilts!!! Groovy boots you have there...Dzintra♥x