One-eyed Kitten on the Roof

Kitten took a tour OF THE ROOF yesterday morning (and she is an INDOOR cat).  I was a little late to work (like 5-10 minutes) after I got her down by climbing a ladder myself.  I left my SD card in my computer at work, but here is one of the shots I had saved to Facebook.  She was all over the roof.  Evidently one-eyedness only affects her aim onto kitchen cabinets, not our roof.  She is safe and sound today.  Resting on the back of the sofa as I cook.


WoolenSails said…
Glad Kitten is safe from her outdoor adventure.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Karen said…
I like the "Funky Flower" you have on your side bar.
Mary Jenkins, said…
Wow - that happened with my cat Frank and my husband had to rescue him because I wasn't there. Don't know if I would be as brave as you but its amazing what we do for our cats. Glad to hear lovely Kitten is non the worse.
Thankgoodness! I am sure you were more scared than " Kitty"-----glad she is safe.

You are a brave soul! However I'd probably get on a ladder to save one of my fur babies too. I DO NOT like heights! I always say God made me short for a reason; I'm to be close to the ground.
Gretchen said…
That bad Kitten. She better stay inside where it is warm and safe. I would've climbed ladders and roofs to get mine too even though I don't like heights.