What's up with your Sunday?

Here's mine:  Kitten is giving her "daddy" lots of love the day before his surgery.
Me gloating over Lilac Hill, the newest line by Brannock and Patek.  Mom (Linda Brannock) says quilt shop owners will see it at Market.
 I love it, of course!

 The plaids are my most-est favorite!
RED is my favorite color though, so these get caressed alot. 
Yesterday was the last day of the Georgia Quilt Show. I didn't take any classes this year, since hubby was supposed to have surgery last week. You know I had to buy stuff though, so I bought a Whimsicals book and wool charm pack (very cleverly stacked and secured with buttons) from my favorite booth:  Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe. They are seriously the friendliest ladies at any quilt show.
I also enjoyed shopping with Irene's Quilts. I was stunned to see yo-yos made from these beautiful ethnic fabrics in her booth, so I went back to show her my own yo-yo projects.  I think it was Irene I spoke to, and she is a sweetheart.
I made it to the evening "lecture" with Laura Wasilowski.  The audience was small enough to be called "intimate." After hearing Laura speak, sing, and generally carry on, I am sufficiently pumped up about the Chicago School of Fusing. Who knew there was so much fun in quilting?  I bought the hand-dyed thread from Laura.
To cap off my weekend we called 911 and had handsome EMTs stick electrodes on my person in my bed with my husband watching.  Good grief.  Just good grief.  Everything is okay.  I am embarrassed and now more determined than ever to get some exercise and lose some weight.
See you on the other side of hubby's surgery and we-are-short-handed-at-work week.
Yikes. Better go to bed early tonight.


Lilac Hill is so gorgeous -- it'll definitely be a hit! Hope everything goes well for your husband, and I hope you take good care of yourself, too.
katie said…
WOW the new fabric is great. I am totally surprised at the light background and purple.
I have always love Whimsicals patterns.
My best to AC on his surgery tomorrow.
Keep us posted.
Anonymous said…
Praying the surgery goes well. Take of yourself too. I love the fabrics - especially those luscious reds.
Gretchen said…
WOW!!! That is some seriously great fabric. That is some seriously great fabric that is going to be a MUST HAVE for me. My fav colors--purple & green. Kitten is adorable. My thoughts are with you and your husband--may the surgery go well and the recovery go smoothly and quickly. I'm so glad you got some good-for-the-soul-you-time in at the quilt expo. You deserve it!
WoolenSails said…
Sounds like your weekend was fabulous. I love laura's blog, she has so many inspirational ideas and great tutorials. Kitten is so cute, just love that kitty.

oldgreymare said…
I can think of better ways to get a gander at some cute men. Take care of yourself woman!

Will hold good thoughts for an easy surgery and quick recovery. : 0

Ani said…
Lovely fabric Karmen, what quilter wouldn't love to have your Mom for their Mom?! :0) Sorry to hear your husband is facing surgery, never fun, I do hope all goes well for him - AND you too! What a scare for you with the EMTs and all. Our bodies certainly let us know when things need to change, mine has been telling me for years and I finally listened. Lost 20 lbs in the last year,feel lots better. I didn't cut out any of my fav foods, just don't eat them as much anymore and do walk several times a week as well. All the best, Ani
madrekarin said…
Lilac Hill is gorgeous! Those tiny birds are the sweetest and I am with you on those plaids! Yum. Glad to hear you're okay! That must have been a scare having EMTs poking about. :( I hope that all went well with your husband's surgery. Wow, you do have a full plate! Take care.
What a lot of activity. No wonder you seemed in danger. Overwhelmed with beautiful quilting paraphernalia, your husband and surgery...

Yes, we must get a little more exercise and eat right. You do that!
Hope your husband is doing better after his surgery!

Thanks for sharing all of your pretties!

Carolyn :)
Hope the surgery went ok. That new line of fabric in the lovely purples is beautiful.