UFO progress

I worked on this UFO yesterday.  I hand quilted the coffee filter paper-pieced fans with perl cotton and then machine "free-motioned" the middle with my walking foot.  Never again will I pull perl cotton through unwashed fabric by hand.  Never.
I practiced free motion today in anticipation of working on the borders, so I did a couple of practice pieces.
I didn't know where my Kitten was. So I went looking.

 She LOVES this basket!
Then she came back to my sewing room to give me the evil eye for not working on the oldest of my UFOs first.  This pink number has been dragged around for nearly 30 years.  I am going to keep hand quilting it, but I have not located pink hand-quilting thread.  The pink I used before is so pale I don't think it will matter if I switch to white.  The main thing is get it finished.  Last year I declared at least 3 UFOs, but I lost the list and never finished any of them.  This year I have one done, one nearly done and this "vintage" affliction.  When I do bind it, I will give it to Kitten, so she will stop staring at me like that. 
It unsettles me.


She's just trying to keep you on track. :-) What is it about small baskets they love so much?

Love your hand quilting! It really adds a lot to the quilt. I'm sure it was a pain, but so worth it!
WoolenSails said…
That quilt is beautiful and love the quilting.
Yes, if kitten looked at me like that, it might unnerve me too;)

Kathie said…
I really love that little quilt.
the hand quilting made that quilt and then all the echo quilting perfect!
ok I have pink quilting thread want me to take a picture and send it to you?
I am happy to send you a spool or two it you would like to finish the quilt in pink thread.
that kitty means business finish those ufo's!!!!
katie said…
Karmen how do you get so much done.
I love that kitty is keeping you on task.
Great quilting job.
Becky said…
Kitty is like your "Jeminy Cricket." She'll keep you on track:)
Gretchen said…
Kitten is so cute in her basket. It looks very cozy. She is the perfect sewing task-master isn't she?
Kitten looks mighty smitten in her basket! Our Miss Abbie loves to curl up in our baskets too! Never know where she will be all tuck in one.

Your quilt is beautiful, thanks for sharing.