Wee Wedding Ring Finished

I took Sally Collins' Framed Wedding Ring class at the Quilt Symposium of Alabama, and I finished mine at 2:00 a.m. this morning.
I just loved making this! 
When I showed my husband the sample on Sally Collins' website, he pronounced mine "not too bad.  No one will notice yours isn't right."  Why do I share with a non-quilter?  Seriously tripped up my happy dance.  Sheesh.
Oh, and because these flowers in my china cabinet are the same colors, I will share them too.  Thank you Diana; I love the white rose!


Anonymous said…
That is beautiful and one of my favorite colors. Continue on with the Happy Dance!
Wow! I'd be dancing, too! I can't believe how tee-tiny the quilt it. You did a fabulous job.
Your mini quilt is just gorgeous, you have done an amazing job..
Kathie said…
WELL I think it is amazing!!!!
just beautiful. no way would I ever have the patience to do that little!
congrats on a great finish
WoolenSails said…
I love it, you did a beautiful job on it and that is a lot of little pieces.

Wow this is wonderful! Much more ambitious than I think I could do!
Brenda said…
That little thing is wonderful, I hope you are still doing your happy dance.