Home for a minute

Registered name:  Georgia's Cherokee Rosebud a.k.a "Rosie"
I am home to let the dogs out and have lunch.  I started cooking and then, as I washed cilantro, forgot I was cooking and nearly started a fire.  Rose, my chubby Maltese, is still limping.  But here is how the day started:  I was enjoying my coffee on the porch with the dogs when the phone rang.  It was 7 a.m. and my husband was calling to say "come get me; I am not at the hospital."  Thank God a nurse intercepted the phone and said yes, he was still at the hospital, but he was up trying to pull out tubes and being combative.  I raced over there.  Turns out the night was anything but easy for the staff trying to take care of him.  The doctor thinks his confusion is due to medication, but they are going to do another test just to be sure they didn't miss something. We still are not clear (pun intended) about his kidney function or whether he needs surgery.

This beautiful picture is one the family is giving me from my Grandparent's estate.  I will treasure it always.


Anonymous said…
What a day you have had. I sure hope the drs. can get your husband and his symptoms under control. Rose is just beautiful. The artwork you are getting from your grandparents is very similar to one my grandparents had above their fireplace for many years. I don't know whatever happened to it but I sure am glad to get to see the one you will be receiving. A real treasure for your home for sure. I hope your husband improves very soon. You be careful with all the stress you are under.
oldgreymare said…
Gosh, I just caught up to your post. Hope everything will be OK.
I have spent a lifetime in hospitals. if he was being combative they probably gave him a sedative and that is why he is loopy. It'll clear when it leaves his system..for some reason hospitals routinely fail to "mention" this to family members..maybe they fear the knowledge that patients are routinely sedated because of low staffing numbers?

anyway I will hold good thoughts..and you be careful out there!!!
Kathie said…
never a dull moment at your house!
I hope he is ok and home soon .