Ah, time to relax on the porch

With Porch Pots from Quilt Soup.  I love this quilt so much I bought it already made up from Robin at Harper's in Kansas City (this isn't a picture of mine, my quilt is buried under a stack of quilts on the bed in the guest bedroom).
My husband is finally medically and mentally stable.  Who knew psychosis and delirium could accompany going to the hospital for a life threatening health problem?  He has gotten such good care from such sweet people who had to deal with a very difficult patient. Now he can work on getting better and we can get our lives back together.
I appreciate all of you who have expressed concern and sent good thoughts and prayers our way.
I need to teach Kitten how to do laundry and clean the kitchen, or at least change her own litter box.  It appears she has little to do while I am at the hospital all day.


katie said…
Love that quilt also.
Happy things are getting better with AC
Want to learn how you change to the big font and different colors.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear things are improving. Take care and have a nice weekend.
Karen said…
The flowers in the pots is a hit with me!
Gretchen said…
I'm so glad things are getting better. Kitten appears to be doing an excellent job holding down the fort. Here's hoping for a good, uneventful weekend.
Brenda said…
Glad to hear that your husband is on the mend. Looks like kitten has things all under control.
WoolenSails said…
That is a beautiful quilt and a nice gift to yourself, to brighten your day.
Make sure you take care of yourself too.

oldgreymare said…
That IS good news!

As horrible as it was to deal with you now know he is sensitive to certain meds and heaven forbid the next time there is a medical need for intervention you are prepared....

My entire family, both sides, is highly susceptible....and after over 40 years of chronic illnesses among many members we still have to fight and explain it to health professionals..otherwise we are biting the aides or running naked down the halls. ( no, not me..hehe)

Hopefully you can relax some soon and dust off the machine for your newest creation.