The rest of vacation (but not a vacation of rest)

Tasha (my parents dog) was a good car rider Friday as we went to Warsaw, Mo to see Grandpa Stockton.
 Grandpa will be 99 in August, but his health is not so great right now.
Aunt Katie and Saltbox Primitives are also in Warsaw, so we managed a little shopping, too.
Saturday morning I went around the house and took some parting shots. A kitty wall hanging
And a kitty pillow
One more (pitiful) kitty
We drove through really bad weather Saturday afternoon on the way to the airport.
So scary when you see signs like this one:
Mom and Dad had me to the airport 3 hours early.  One thing about Dad; he will never be late to anything.  What do you do when all your sewing is packed in suitcases or already mailed home?  Buy a novel of course, so I chose The Girl Who Played With Fire. It is great so far, but now that I am home I'd like to sew.  And, dang it, you cannot do both!
So I am working on a summer spread for Grandpa Stockton.  I am sure he does not need a quilt, but a lighter weight "spread" will do.
That's Grandma Stockton (deceased) and me in the photo.  I was probably about 4 months old and the photo would have been taken before Mom and I went to Germany to be with Dad.  I thought this a good choice for the center because I know how much he loves (loved) Grandma and he loves me, too.
 We are his past and his future.


What a sweet and thoughtful gift for him. I love all the photos of the kitties. The kitty quilt is too cute.
Kathie said…
Tasha is adorable. Always enjoy peeks at your mom's quilts. Have been a long time admirer of hers.
Love the heart spread your making, perfect gift he will love it.
He will know it comes from your heart as well.
Kim said…
Your spread is beautiful. Thoughtful, creative and from-the-heart. Perfect!
Becky said…
What a wonderful gift for Grandpa Stockton! GTlad that you made it safely home. Happy sewing and reading!
Kris said…
Love your blog. I know what you mean...good I am reading The Help...awesome!!
Ani said…
Welcome back! Thanks for all the pix of your travels, I love seeing what others do when they are out and about on vacation. Vacations are definitely no rest adventures, too much to do and see. I'm sure Kitten missed you while you were gone, my husband tells me my kitties will starting meowing very loudly at the sewing room door when I take off for retreats etc for a few days! >^..^< Best, Ani