Maintenance Delay Carpet

What do you do when you have a 6 hour maintenance delay at the airport?
Why you get busy making something useful, of course!
Well, I tried to anyway.  The edges were all wavy-gravy when I got home, so I had to pull out pretty much all that I did at the airport and re-do it.  But it came out pretty nice I think.
Kitten and I spent most of last evening putting a few stitches in the Bento Box UFO.
Yesterday I also did some quilting; I have three tables set up: my old folding table, my new SewEzi table and my grandmother's round table.  It is working okay so far, but I have the main entrance to the office blocked off and have to go around through the hallway each time I want to go to the kitchen.  I was cooking and sewing at the same time, so that meant many trips back and forth.  I also moved my I-pod to the office so I could hear the music better.  Ah, now I think I can really get some machine time in.
I finish my steroid medication tomorrow.  I should have finished it days ago.  The bottle says 2 per day and I was only taking one per day.  How is it sick people are thought to pay attention to medicine directions?  I can barely remember anything correctly when I am sick.
So it is off to the pool for some much needed exercise!
Happy Mother's Day!


WoolenSails said…
Your rug looks wonderful and I love the colors and the way you did it.
My braids tend to be wobbly, but after a little use they flatten out;)

I wish it were warm enough to swim in our pool, I really need it. We were supposed to get a used heater, but now that I want it, the guy is not around.

Gretchen said…
What a great way to pass the time at the airport! Love the rug!! I bet Kitten missed you and I'm glad y'all got some sewing time in. Allergies have been absolutely horrendous this year (I have them terribly also). I've stayed inside as much as possible with my kleenex and benedryl.
Anonymous said…
Time well spent on a maintenance delay. Hope you feel better.