I really won something; how cool is that?

Wow, look!  I won this lovely book and batik fabrics from Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts. Her blog and quilts are amazing, but I especially love her kitty, since it reminds me of mine.
This book has some great quilts in it, so I am really enjoying it.

I purchased these two books this week, and I am not as jazzed up about them.  They are okay though. That's what happens when you order online without having a chance to flip through it first.
And this book FINALLY came!  Oh some much good stuff in this one.  It will be a most useful addition to my technique bookshelf.

I am heading to Kansas City later this week for the Quilt Guild of Greater Kansas City workshops with Roberta Horton and Mary Mashuta.  Oh, man, I am so excited about going!  Plus I will be with Mom!  Bonus!  But today I am feeling all poorly.  Like I have a mild flu.  So I have been sleeping all day.  I sure don't feel much like sewing.  And that stinks!


katie said…
Well, congrats on winning the book and fabric.
Looks like a great one.
Your library is growing by leaps and bounds.
Hope you feel better. Your mom sounded like she was excited about you coming and going to the quilt guild gathering. Have fun.
Becky said…
Congratulations on your win! I saw on the blog that you had won and was exciting. Please bring your Baker's Dozen book to the next Thimbles so we can all preview it. Wow! I'm jealous. Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta and your MOM! Please, please blog about your workshops and observations. This is awesome:)
Gretchen said…
All those goodies and a trip to a workshop--too much fun in one post that's for sure! Have a great time and I'm looking forward to posts about your trip.