Well, whatever changes Blogger has in it, I will just have to adapt.  Here are the Coffee Filter Fans Quilt setting ideas from Debby Kratovil.  The bright one in the middle is the idea on our patterns with one small difference; we have 12 fans and this one has 16.  I like the pastel setting better, but it also has 16 blocks, so I will have to be creative about what I put in the 4 corners.
And this lovely green and orange is a sample Debby Kratovil is working on.  I love these color and am fascinated at what a difference the setting makes.  Personally, I think the squared off fan base works the best in this setting.  I will have to play with my blocks to see what I end up choosing.


katie said…
Love that pastel one.
I have tried punchneedle and like it.
Brenda Grevais from with thy needle and thread has a sweet little 3 1/2 inch bird that mounts on the top of a sewing machine oil can that is punch needle. It is precious