Original Sewing & Quilting Expo

Kitten loves my new Peacock Pincushion!  I made it in Vickie Clontz' class at the Expo in Duluth.  Tomorrow I get to sew Coffee Filter Fans with Debby Kratovil and a make-it-and-take-it at a booth for  Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe. Do you think Kitten will try to eat it once I am out of the room?

I am a little peeved right now.  My immediate concern is that it seems Blogger has changed a bit, and I don't like it.  Second, I purchased a pricey rolling suitcase for my Bernina so I could take it to class tomorrow.  The Coffee Filter Fans class is "bring your own machine," so I got a $100 rolling case from the same vendor who sold me the machine.  The saleslady assured me that my Bernina would fit.  It doesn't, so that means I have to lug my machine by hand.  I hate having to return things (pricey rolling suitcase).  It is getting to be that I just won't buy things in the first darn place. Too much hassle to find what I need in a brick and mortar store (locker hooking supplies).  I may find what I need on the web, but that has proved unreliable; sometimes items arrive broken (plates) or a hassle to return (ironing board).  Am I the only one worn from working all day and having to run around taking care of errands in my "spare" time? Huh?


WoolenSails said…
I can guarantee my kitty would eat those pins off, lol.
Her new thing is sitting on the arm of my chair and grabbing my tools as I am working or trying to chew on them.

My husband hates returning things, but I get tired of things that are not what they are supposed to be, so I take it back. I got my cases with my machine, so if I ever get to a class, I will have the cases to roll with.

Gretchen said…
Oh foo! I hate having to run around and do errands and return things too. I always wish for a personal assistant but one never shows up. I think Edgar Poe would be a great personal assistant because he tries to be helpful all the time but he can't drive, has no thumbs, and oh yeah he's a cat! My cats would wait a couple of days and then the bird would be on the floor. Hope Kitten has better manners.