My Big Plan
for an awesome adventure doing the
1)      Leave at 7:15 a.m. (revised)
2)      Lie about going alone (revised)
3)      Start in Marietta (revised)
4)      Allow 30 minutes/shop (we’ll see)
5)      Visit all 11 shops today (maybe)
6)      Make it to tennis practice at 7:00 p.m. (no exceptions)
Heck, I am on vacation; who needs a darn break-neck schedule?  I wanna have some fun today.


WoolenSails said…
I hope you have fun and get lots of goodies.

*karendianne. said…
You're so cute with your "schedule." Can't wait to read and see how it goes!
Kathie said…
WEll that is a big plan! good luck!!!
Can't wait to hear about it and of course see all the goodies you just had to come home with.
I will be waiting to hear all about it!