Booty, too!

Look at this adorable number fabric (in the background).  I like the red jacks, too.
Maybe I can use the numbers to make one of these skirts to wear to work (when I tutor math students)?
I picked up some turquoise, since I didn't have any in my stash.  See the airplanes in the foreground fabric?
The stash also needed some stripes.
And some great stuff from the sale bins (40% off).  Shop Hop was a great opportunity to add to my stockpile.  I don't need to do this much shopping ever again.  Ever.  I'm sure.  Oh wait, they keep coming out with new stuff.  Yikes, I know the temptation will be too much for me.  I need an intervention.  Do local law enforcement people allow you to enroll in work-release programs?  It would be a good thing for me, only being allowed out to go to work and back.  What about house arrest?  Can that be entered into voluntarily?


WoolenSails said…
You got lots of goodies, no excuse not to make lots of quilts now;)
The hemming house looks interesting, is that homepsun?

katie said…
I love the math fabric and you got Robin Pandloph on sale, way to go.
So much fun watching you have fun.
Karen said…
The numbers fabric is unusual but I do like it very much. And, the jacks fabric is a hit with me, too.
KC Quilter said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have bookmarked yours and will visit often. Love your math fabric--my husband is a retired math teacher and he'd love it!!! And I played jacks as a kid. Great fabric finds!
Kathie said…
oh I love that math fabric, sure looks like you are having fun! yes adding to the stash is always fun especially when you find the fabrics on sale!!!!
Juliann said…
Where did you get that math fabric? My daughters are both mathematicians and I think I might need some :)